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Hi, I'm Phil. Nice to meet you!

After spending twenty years designing and consulting for film and television studios, I decided to launch a new music marketing agency in Los Angeles called MUSICdise this past summer 2021. I felt the timing was right - from the way that artists are making music all the way through the entertainment window - change is everywhere.

I am not your talent agent, business manager, tour manager, personal manager, or publicist. I am your creative marketer & licensing agent, and MUSICdise is your marketing engine. Musicians and labels work with my design team to build and execute creative + unique outreach campaigns designed to promote your music and obtain licensing deals in films, television shows, video games, commercials, new media, and mobile advertising. MUSICdise also creates interactive merchandise - making your music available everywhere to anyone with a smartphone or tablet.

Meet Philip Warbasse.

Founder / CEO MUSICdise

Music is personal to me.

"You have to believe in your artists. You can't get anything done in Hollywood unless you really believe in your artists."

– Philip Warbasse

Founder / CEO - MUSICdise

Musicians + Labels.

Marketing your own music can be like shooting in the dark.
Ask yourself these five questions to determine if MUSICdise can help you find your target:
-Do you have the time to market your music yourself?
-Do you have creative designs & marketing strategies to pull it off?
-Do you know whom to contact?
-Do you know how to approach them?
-Do you have the stomach for rejection and no replies?
If you answered NO to ANY of these questions, contact MUSICdise. We always aim to please.

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Our Methodology.

We found what works and we're sticking with it.

Before we work with any artist, we listen and ask lots of questions to discover unique ways MUSICdise can help. Phase 01 is all about research and collaboration.


Dedicated to the craft of intelligent design, we create interactive merchandise, creative one-sheets, and comprehensive print-to-digital solutions to promote music.


Distinctly unique, well-thought-out, and flawlessly executed, MUSICdise offers  modern and effective promotional strategies using the latest technology to expand your audience. 

Music Supervisors.

As a music supervisor, you oversee every aspect of the music in a project. This oversight can include everything from negotiating deals and managing a budget to pitching songs and working with a composer. We work with music supervisors each step of the way, from the moment you begin to break down a script all the way through to the final playback. Our goal is to establish ourselves as professionals you know and trust to get deals done quickly and efficiently. All copyrights to songs by MUSICdise artists are pre-cleared. We make sure the music is just right.

If you are tired of receiving .mp3's in your inbox, you are going to love us. The difference at MUSICdise is in the creative approach we take to position each artist. We use digital codes to deliver music quickly from creative one-sheets that include information designed to simplify the music selection process.

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