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to The Lounge.

Located somewhere just above the boardwalk in Venice Beach is a secret spot that only the most seasoned musicians in Los Angeles know about. Referred to as "The Lounge," this is where you'll find the most relevant information and advice on music marketing.

Kick back, relax, and check out our Spotify playlist - while you visit The Lounge.

MUSICdise™ Lounge - The MUSICdise Lounge in Venice Beach, CA. ©Philip Warbasse
The Printerverse Podcast | MUSICdise
Music Marketing Podcast.

The Printerverse Podcast.

Deborah Corn, host of The Printerverse Podcast talks with Philip Warbasse and Tod Lippy about MUSICdise.

Philip Warbasse | CEO MUSICdise
Music Marketing 4 min read.

In Search of More than Talent.

I'm searching for great artists to add to the MUSICdise roster in 2022. Will you or your band be one of them?


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