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MUSICdise Services.

Standing out is easy. Getting noticed is hard.

MUSICdise works with unsigned musicians and labels to promote their music across various platforms to an ever-growing list of industry contacts. We design marketing strategies that increase streaming royalty fees by building artist awareness and growing overall listenership. We love negotiating licensing deals for merch and syncs. Sophisticated but humble, we are MUSICdise, and our job is to get your music noticed.

Creative Design.

Getting noticed starts with super creative design. We build music websites specifically designed to maximize the time our artists have in front of users on hand-held devices and tie them to one-sheets as a unique way to promote our artists to the broadest audience possible.

MUSICdise™ Services - Creative Design imac with smartphone. ©Philip Warbasse
· One-Sheets

Known for capturing the imagination, creative one-sheets from MUSICdise provide a unique + innovative way to engage studios and music supervisors for sync opportunities.

· Music Websites

Music websites are explicitly designed to make music and song-related information available to studios and music supervisors quickly and conveniently.

· Artist Promotion

We promote artists using various strategies, including guerilla marketing and targeted outreach to some of Hollywood's best-known music supervisors and directors.

Interactive Merchandise.

MUSICdise creates unique interactive merchandise experiences that keep listeners coming back for more. Interactive merchandise opens up a world of opportunities because it allows artists to showcase their music and intellectual property on products ranging from coded apparel to non-fungible tokens and more. We also offer digital asset management technology that gives you complete control over who has access to your music.

MUSICdise™ Services - Interactive Merchandise Tshirt and smartphone. ©Philip Warbasse
· Coded Apparel

Coded apparel is going to explode over the next five years. MUSICdise is well-positioned to take advantage of this market - we connect music to merchandise - it's how we got our name.

· Digital Asset Management

Securing and managing your music is crucial. Our one-time download and PIN technologies let you control access to your digital assets for both admin and retail.

· Non-fungible Tokens

We help our artists mint their music on the blockchain with NFT and Ethereum. We are proponents of low GAS fees and fully audited contracts.

Creative Licensing.

When we talk about creative licensing, whether product licensing or sync licensing, we talk about legal contracts. At MUSICdise, we view your songs as digital assets that should increase in value when given the right opportunities. We believe creative licensing is one of the best opportunities that artists and labels unfamiliar with the space often overlook. Let us help you make sense of it all.

MUSICdise™ Services - Creative Licensing copyright logo. ©Philip Warbasse
· Product Licensing

We negotiate royalty fee-based product licensing agreements that enable manufacturers to incorporate our artist's music into their products and packaging.

· Sync Licensing

We negotiate with some of Hollywood's leading music supervisors to place songs in feature films, television shows, ads, video games, YouTube videos, or any other product where moving images are "synched" to music.

· Clearance Support

No matter what phase of production a project is in, we work with you every step of the way to provide copyright clearance support, so you can get your job done on time and within budget - no worries.


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